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Hi, my name is Sayeh, and I am excited you're here reading this. Welcome to my portfolio! 


Here's a little about me: I was born in Iran and spent most of my childhood by the Caspian Sea until my family moved to the US. I received my BA in Chemistry and Studio Art from Dartmouth College in 2013 and my MS in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University shortly after. I'm currently in the Genome Sciences PhD program at the University of Washington. 


I strive to balance my passions in science, art, coding, filmmaking, animation, and storytelling through various jobs and projects. Driven by a need to always be creating something cool, I love learning new skills and tricks in all sorts of trades--"there's always something to learn" is a personal motto. 


I mainly identify as an illustrator, with a penchant for chiaroscuro and impressionism.  While I don't like to be bound to a certain style, I'm especially drawn to the complicated relationship between the light and the dark and the tug-of-war inbetween. Recently, I've ventured into children's book illustration, exploring ways to add wonder and curiosity through color and composition.

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